Principle of making water

The water making set is a two-tower type, a filter tower that removes impurities and an MZ type that activates raw water.

How water is made

After first removing impurities such as chlorine and trihalomethanes in the filter house,

By passing through the uniquely developed ceramic installed in the water activation tower and the stainless steel plate (Patent No. 4490079) that regulates the water flow , the passing water is activated. (Water activator structure patent No. 3304514)

The inside of the live water tower is made of original ceramic

Consists of a stainless steel plate for water flow control.

Live water tower

Inside the live water tower


Impact of tap water use

Tap water from each household is used for daily life in kitchens and bathrooms through water supply pipes.

Do you know what's going on inside this water pipe?
The photo on the right shows the water supply pipe of the house we visited.

More than 10 years after construction, bump-shaped red rust as shown in the photo will appear.

A large amount of chlorine is added to the current tap water as a disinfectant, and the strong oxidizing power of this chlorine has resulted in further rusting.

If the red rust is left unattended, the water supply pipe will deteriorate, resulting in deterioration of water quality, red water and a strange odor.

Changes in the livestock industry

In many pig farms, many flies due to bad odors and odors gather.
However, at pig farms that use water-making, the stench has diminished and the number of flies has decreased significantly. (Refer to the photo below) Also, the growth of piglets and the luster of their coats will change.

At pig farms that use water-making, the growth of piglets and the luster of their coats also change.
When the lactation period is over and the piglet switches to baby food, the piglet begins to drink water with food.
The water you drink at this time greatly affects your growth. Feeding activated water will increase appetite and accelerate growth, but feeding water with a lot of impurities will cause weak pigs to get sick and, in the worst case, die.