Customer service

For inquiries to us, please use the inquiry form at the bottom of each page or check the following.

Inquiries by phone

Tel: 03-5497-2777 (Business hours: Weekdays 9:00 to 17:00)

Inquiries by fax

Fax: 03-5497-2823

Email Inquiries
Please fill in the following required items and send.

  • Your name (phonetic)

  • Email address

  • phone number

  • Zip code / address
    * If you would like to order a filter, please add [Filter type (high grade or standard or K type)] to the subject line and send it.

Flow from ordering to installation

  1. Order

  2. We will contact you by phone and ask you about your request details and installation location.

  3. Send a photo of the planned installation location

  4. Site preview and construction details decided

  5. Decide how to install

  6. Selection of installation contractor

  7. Send quotation → Confirm order → Send invoice → Confirm payment → Ship product

  8. Installation work implementation → Confirmation of installed status photos

About maintenance

As a general rule, the activated carbon filter is replaced once a year. Anyone can easily perform the replacement work according to the procedure manual.
Business trip exchanges are also available for a fee if you wish. Please feel free to contact us.
Reference: Activated carbon filter replacement procedure (for stainless steel house)