Here are some frequently asked questions about "water making".

Q. How is it different from other water purifiers?

A. The decisive difference between "water making" and other products is
・ Activated carbon filter house that removes chlorine ・ Activated water tower that combines our original ceramic and stainless steel plate that regulates water flow (patented)

It is a two-tower type.

Activated carbon filter house

Live water tower

In many cases, ordinary water purifiers only remove chlorine with a filter, but in that case, it is naturally easy for germs to grow.
"Making water" turns water after chlorine removal by a high-performance filter into water with antibacterial activity by further improving the performance of water by passing it through a water tower.

This brings various benefits such as reduction of odor and water stains and improvement of the health of people living, as well as "the original taste of water".

Q. What kind of installation method do you have?

A. For general household use, there are two types, one with a water supply and the other with a stationary type in the kitchen or bathroom.

Water supply type Water making "MZ-I type" * Click to move to the product page

Since the water pipe is attached, the lived water can be used for the entire living environment. There is a cost advantage because the entire domestic water is purified.
However, waterworks for installation are required. Please contact us for a free preview and quotation.

Stationary type water to make "MZ-K type" ※ Click to go to the product page

It was developed in response to the desire to introduce it inexpensively and easily.

The filter house and the active water tower are integrated, and you can use it without any construction work by connecting it to the faucet in the kitchen or bathroom.

However, water is purified only at the installed faucet.

Q. What is removed by “Making Water”?

A. The "activated carbon filter house" in the above figure removes impurities in water.

A high-performance activated carbon filter manufactured by Futamura Chemical Co., Ltd. is used to remove substances such as chlorine and trihalomethane.

Q. Is it possible to sample the water made from water?

A. Yes, it is possible. We will ship it in a PET bottle container according to your desired quantity.

If you wish, please contact us from the inquiry form with the shipping address and desired amount.

Q. Can hot water pass through the stationary type MZ-K type?

A. It is possible up to 60 ℃. This is not possible because the activated carbon filter will deteriorate at high temperatures.

Q. I'm thinking of introducing it instead of a water server. Will hot water come out?

A. There is no function to cool water or boil water.

Q. I am using an electric water heater, can I install it?

A. It is possible if the temperature is not higher than 60 ℃.

Q. It is a rental apartment, which one should I choose?

A. We basically recommend the MZ-I type, which can purify the entire house.

In the case of a rental condominium, it can be installed if the following two points are cleared.

・ Permit of management association / management company

・ Installation space around the water meter

If the above is difficult, we recommend using the MZ-K type.

Regarding the installation space, we can send you a photo of the area around the water meter, or we can preview the estimated installation location and give you free advice.

Q. Do you have rentals?

A. The stationary MZ-K type can be rented.

Click here for more information on the rental plan

Q. Do you need maintenance?

A. Both the activated carbon filter house and the activated water tower do not require maintenance and can be used semi-permanently.

The amount of activated carbon in the filter house decreases as impurities are removed, so we recommend that you replace it regularly.

Q. How long is the life of the filter?

A. On average, it's about 8-12 months.

Q. Is it possible to move when moving?

A. [MZ-I type] Construction is required to restore the original state.

[MZ-K type] You can install and remove it by yourself, but please contact us if you cannot install it because the faucet is different.

Q. Can it be used with well water?

A. Yes, it is possible.

Q. I am worried about freezing because it is a cold region.

A. [MZ-I type] Please consult with a waterworks shop.
[MZ-K type] Since it is installed in the room, there is no need to worry about freezing.

Q. Can you come for maintenance?

A. It is possible in Tokyo and the suburbs. Please contact us if you are in a remote location. (Any charge)