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Faucet connection type water making MZ-K type

By connecting to the faucet in the kitchen or bathroom

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<Faucet connection type>

Usage and functions

By connecting to the faucet, you can use "water making" in the kitchen or bath.

Not only does the water taste better, but the cooked rice lasts longer, the cut flowers last longer, and the daily showers and baths become more comfortable.

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Use of the kitchen


Use in the bath


Internal structure

  • Activated carbon filter

  • Stainless steel plate that regulates water flow

  • It is composed of a unique ceramic stone sintered at about 1300 ° C.

Principles and effects


Conditions for famous water

"Making water" activates the water quality to one of the most famous water levels in Japan. We will introduce the verification results.


Antibacterial test

Introducing the results of an experiment that tested the antibacterial activity of passing water.

MZ-K type rental

Rental initial cost 20,000 yen (excluding tax)

Monthly fee 3,500 yen (excluding tax)

Replacement filter 5,000 yen (excluding tax)

<Points of rental plan>

  • The contract will be renewed every month. There is no contract period!

  • Since it can be attached to the faucet, no construction is required! You can also install it yourself.

  • As a guide, replace the filter once a year. You can replace it yourself.

<Notes on rental plan>

  • The monthly fee cannot be applied to the purchase cost of the product separately.

  • Please send us a photo of the planned installation location by email before considering. We will check the parts required for installation and send it in the same package.
    * Click here to send photos

  • The shipping fee for the product will be charged separately when it is shipped and when it is returned.

  • You can install it yourself, but we also do business trips. A business trip fee (5,000 yen excluding tax) and transportation fee will be charged if the distance is far.


Free sample

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Purchase of MZ-K type

Selling price

Water making MZ-K type set 180,000 yen (excluding tax)

Replacement filter 1 piece 5,000 yen (excluding tax)

* For prices and installation work overseas, please contact us using the inquiry form, phone, or email.

* As a guide, replace the filter once a year. You can replace it yourself.

Product specifications

  • Built-in activated carbon filter 125mm

  • Body dimensions Height 240 mm x Diameter 114 mm

  • Body material SUS304

  • Weight 2.5kg

  • Water flow rate 10L / min (hydraulic pressure 2kg)

Filter specifications

  • High-grade type 125 mm x diameter 70 mm (granular activated carbon)
    Standard usage guideline 8-12 months