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Turn the water of your life into spring water

30-year-old in-house developed water purifier "Water Making"

We manufacture and sell.

About the company

We are a manufacturer of water purification and water activation equipment using our own technology.

Osamu Soukawa, the founder of the company, quit his job as a producer of documentary works in "Group Hyundai" in 1990, and was founded at the age of 51.

In Japan at the end of the high economic growth and bubble, many environmental problems such as health hazards caused by residual pesticides and food additives and air pollution became apparent.

Among them, the founder who has covered many environmental problems as a producer of documentary production for many years

We came up with a technology to activate "water" with the power of "soil",

The "Mizukuri" series is a product created by developing our own products after our founding.

Since its founding, "Mizukuri" has been used in general households, hospitals, nurseries, inns, restaurants, poultry farms, pig farms, etc.

It has been introduced by more than 3000 customers and supports their daily lives.

We will continue to strive to provide a safe, secure and comfortable life through "water".

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The principle of making water

"Water making" is made by our original technology. Please see here for the principle.


Antibacterial test

Introducing the results of an experiment that tested the antibacterial activity of passing water.


Conditions for famous water

"Making water" activates the water quality to one of the most famous water levels in Japan. We will introduce the verification results.



Here are some frequently asked questions about "water making".


Installation record

Introducing the installation results of "Water Making". It is used not only for general households but also for business use.


Filter replacement

Replacing the water filter is once a year, and the procedure is simple. Introducing the replacement procedure.

How to choose a product

Please select according to the purpose of use


Those who live in detached houses and condominiums

Those who run private shops


Owners of medium-sized apartments

For owners of medium-sized commercial buildings